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GS WINDOW SYSTEMS is the USA affiliate of GASTALDELLO SISTEMI, a market leader in Europe since 1959. For over 5 decades we have been in the business of designing and manufacturing high performance aluminum window, door and curtain wall systems. Our product designs prioritize energy efficiency, air, water and structural performance combined with style. With great enthusiasm, we now offer our AW rated products here in the USA.

Environmental awareness and energy efficiency are integral to our future as a responsible manufacturer of fenestration products. We utilize state of the art polyamide thermal struts, and we are continually developing new technologies to maximize energy savings with our products. With our Euroline 76E system we can meet R-5 thermal values: .22 U factor for operable windows and .19 for fixed.

Whether we are providing high quality finished windows, or Euroline systems and components for fabrication, our technical team is dedicated to every aspect of your project. Our dynamic company structure enables us to meet strict deadlines and overcome the most complex architectural challenges.

All of our window products are tested according to AW standards. Our state of the art chrome-free paint line will meet your AAMA paint specifications. We can paint bicolor to meet varying interior/exterior specifications.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss the best approach for your projects, however standard or custom of a solution is required.

GS Windows Systems represents Gastaldello Sistemi in the United States.

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